Ocean Shores, Washington

You can find many living styles in Ocean Shores and the North Beach. You can retire to a luxury condominium, a beach cottege, or a ranch style home. You can live on a fresh water lake or on the doorstep to the Pacific Ocean. You can walk to the beach from any location or slip into the forest trails of the Weatherwax Property or the Oyhut Wildlife Preserve.

People are drawn here by the wide-open beaches that are a gateway to the Pacific Ocean and the world beyond our shores. You’ll find crashing waves, cockleshells, sand dollars, agate rock and driftwood in every conceivable shape and size littering these fine sand beaches.


Ocean Shores is a peninsula stuck out into the Pacific Ocean and acts as one side of the bay entrance to Grays Harbor. On the Eastern edge of the Peninsula you find bay waters that are occasionally by-ways to whales of various kinds (mostly Grays). And if you like to dream of far off places, you can sit and watch ships from around the world navigate the bay toward the port facilities at Aberdeen and Hoquiam.

The Ocean Shores Interpretive Center at the southern tip of the Peninsula provides hours of information and education about everything from birds and mammals to all the assorted sea life in and around the area. That and the History that is so unique to what is now a popular tourist destination that was once a home to cows, loggers, trappers and people subsisting on fishing and clams.


Ocean Shores is home to more than 23 miles of fresh water, navigable, interconnected waterways. Duck Lake is stocked and considered one of the best year round fishing lakes in Western Washington. The lake is power-boat accessible. Non-motorized boats are recommended in the scenic canal system.

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